Friday, November 19, 2010

"Outdoor Adventure" Birthday Party

One of my ways to favorite outlets for creativity is in the celebration of life... BIRTHDAY PARTIES! For us, it's a wonderful time to craft together, which saves us LOTS of money on decorations and party favors. For my son's recent party, we stumbled on the best blog ideas. Thanks to all of you who gave us such innovative ways to entertain kids!
 For the invitations, I bought a $5 scrapbook packet at Walmart (outdoor theme).  I also bought a $5 spool of twine. The leftover twine was used to tie a compass around each gift bag (filled with plastic bugs, smore kits, and candy), and to hang forest/tree decorations from the ceiling,

Upon entering the party, each child received an adventure map, and was asked to select a bandana. (Each bandana had a different outdoor symbol on it: fish, bear, tree, water, moose, etc. I bought $4 worth of fabric, cut into 4-inch pieces, folded, ironed, and painted.)

My thanks to the creation-pro over at The Blackberry Vine ( for the coolest campfire cake idea, ever! We tried it, though a little lopsided (above), put the candles in it, and the kids loved it! For entertainment, we had a tent and archery outside. Hence... we "needed" an archery cake, as well. The arrows are made of "Pocky" sticks and fondant. And on his actual birthday, I took archery cupcakes to school (below).

The evening continued with hotdogs, glowsticks, pin the fish on the campfire, and many happy 7-year-olds.

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