Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Customer Service 101 - Don't use jargon!

It's Ebay drama week for me. When the local department store recently stopped carrying my husband's favorite cologne (no, not Brut or Old Spice), I ordered it through a perfume business on Ebay. That was over 3 weeks ago, and STILL NO COLOGNE on my doorstep!

Their response to my email looked something like this:
"We apologize. The problem is that our matrix equation... blah, blah... transaction ID... blah, blah."

WHAT??? I threw my hands up in the air & yelled at my computer, "Who cares? Just get me my cologne!" I, like other customers, don't understand their jargon. I don't speak "perfume business." Good customer service entails speaking in laymen's terms... clear & direct. Keep it simple.

Needless to say, I gave them my Customer Service 101. My package is being overnighted, disount & free samples included. That'll do.

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